Meet Quinn

When Quinn was 2 years old I received a call at 9am on a Monday morning. This is a call that a mother never wants to get.  Your child is unresponsive and is being transported from her daycare to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. As I work in Hartford, I was able to get there before the ambulance.  When she got there, the tests began.  Is it a brain bleed, a stroke, no one knew.  After two MRI’s and a CAT scan, our neurosurgeon found that Quinn had a brain tumor (pilocytic astrocytoma) the size of a plum pressing on her brain and causing the seizure that, thank god, let us know there was an issue.

Surgery was scheduled for the next day.  After 6 hours in the operating room, we were told that they had gotten it all and we were in the clear.  Two days later we were sent from the PICU to the 6th floor of the hospital, where we were then discharged the next day.  After that we went to Disney and we were never so happy to have a healthy, happy and beautiful little girl.  We had been going for regular 3 month scans that told us that all was well.  In June of 2013, Quinn was now 3, the tumor had returned.  So, again with another surgery.  This one was different.  After the surgery was over to remove the tumor, we were now on the 8th floor.  The Oncology floor. That was when we were told that part of Quinn’s tumor was inoperable and we were now starting chemotherapy that would last for 18 months.

We completed chemo the day before Thanksgiving 2014.  There is a lot that went on in that time. Neutropenia, fevers that would bring us to the Emergency Department at all hours of the night.  Some would come with week stays on the 8th floor.  Many many many blood transfusions that we now call “GO JUICE”.  Now we have scans every 3 to 4 months and all is well!!! TUMOR IS STABLE!!!

We have met so many families and children along the way that have fought their own battles. Some have ended way too soon.. And we miss them.  We have celebrated with these families.. and mourned with others.  Now we want to help.  Not just with the everyday things that families have to deal with, but with research, and camp sponsorship. Whatever it takes. We can’t do this alone.  HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!! #MORETHAN4